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Hello again newgrounds! As the production of DTT slowly comes along, i realized that i needed voice actors, STAT! So those interested in some work, here's the link to my deviant art journal: nal/

All the information needed is on the journal, including the due date for submissions. I wish the best of luck to those that participate, and i beg of you, please participate! I really hope i could get this series off the ground and take flightr into the front page. For those waiting, here's a little eye candy not involving the production. See ya later newgrounds!


Birthday+Production News

2009-07-26 22:23:10 by Digishinobi

Hello newgrounds, i have a couple of things to go over about my future on newgrounds,
First: It's my birthday today! I'm glad to have gotten an e-mail from tom and the rest of the staff wishing me a happy birthday. Afterall, i havent even spent a whole year on newgrounds yet.

Anyway, time to get down to business. After my two flash submissions, and the positive feedback and support to improve, it's time I took off the headband and get serious. I am now in the process of a new original series, which will be tournament style concept, like the genious user, Zeurel. Many faces will be new, some not so new, and there will be plenty of frame-by-frame action, which very little use of tweening. The script is still being written, but when the time comes, i will begin auditions via my deviantart account. I hope to get some well known actors/ actresses to get involved in this series. I hope get get this 1st episode up by the end of september, but as of now i don't exactly have any "screenshot" material yet. I will put up another post with a screenshot when the episode is getting well underway.
I have already put more than 15 hours into the first 20 seconds, something i have never down before. With the premiere of this series, i hope to become of of the few, the proud, the newgrounds artists. Also, I have a few character concepts for the series already under the art portal, but can only be viewed from my account, since i have yet to be scouted. Until next time, see ya newgrounds!

New flash!

2009-01-26 22:35:17 by Digishinobi

Hello to all! i recently posted a flash i made for a friend, and i was curious to see how the community on newgrounds would enjoy it. I know the animation is basic, but i tried to make up for it with detail.
Check it out!

New flash!

I just got Adobe CS4 (free trial) and goddam did it take forever to download. Seriously, it took over 2 hours just to download the program. But wait! there's more! After that, i realized i couldn't open a 7z file, so it took even more time to download a free trial of winzip. After all that, guess what?More fucking downloading, which was now extracting the program and downloading the final product.

Anyway, I'm also new to animating, and i have a problem when it comes to layers. Any comments for advice would be appreciated. Right now i'm trying to make a background and characters, but have the background on a layer so I don't have to keep erasing and redrawing it when i animate the characters. However, the chracters are always overlapping with the background, making them appear see through. So that's it. I'm glad to be part of the Newgrounds community!